What Are Springtails?

Tiny insects on your window-sills? How about the kitchen, bathrooms or living quarters? Chances are they are SPRINGTAILS… Springtails are characterized by their small appearance- often gray or black in color and with a forked appendage that can cause them to jump or ‘spring.’ They are a nuisance pest. They can’t cause damage to your home or hurt you- but they can come in very large numbers.

Springtails are most noticeable after a rain-fall. They come from the soil and mulch beds outside- and get inside through cracks & crevices along the foundation. They are attracted to areas that are prone to moisture and humidity (window sills; bathrooms; potted plants; crawl spaces; under patio slabs; pool decks etc.) They feed on fungi, algae, mold and vegetation.

What can be done to eliminate Springtails?

Springtails are a seasonal pest that usually go away their own. You can help by eliminating moisture and humidity around
the home. However, there are some cases of infestation that need to be addressed with a pest control application to nesting sites & areas you see them in.

Power-Spray Rig Treatments

At Bugging Out, we use a specialized piece of equipment called a ‘rig.’ A rig is a bigger piece of equipment that holds a larger quantity of product. The qualified technician performs a power-spray to the mulch beds and soil around the home; and cracks & crevices along the foundation to eliminate nesting sites- and their pathway into the home. Power-Spray rig treatments are an additional cost of $395+tax. We also provide a warranty for the remainder of the season.