Bugging Out Newsletter Summer 2023


Bugging Out Newsletter -Spring Quarter 2023

We are happy to introduce our NEW newsletter that will be sent to our
awesome customers on a quarterly basis. This will keep you up-to-date on
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Termites, Mosquitoes, Ants & much more

Here they come. You can't stop nature but you can prevent the pesky dangerous insects from entering your home and ruining your backyard family fun. OH NO Termites are swarming. Do not hesitate to call for your termite treatment or monitoring system before its too late. OUCH what was that? That my friend was a mosquito and we have an all natural organic product that repels and kills on contact so you and your family can enjoy your backyard. EWE GROSS ants are all over those crumbs your kids leave behind. We can create a residual barrier around your home so that the ants cant march anymore into your beautiful home. Maintain your home like you maintain your car with oil changes and tire rotation . Maintain your home like you maintain your lawn from weeds or getting too long. Maintain your home like you do your health with well checks and physicals. Your home is as important and one of your most valuable assets. Maintain it now with our Home Protection Maintenance Plan .

In like a LION out like a LAMB March is here which means the pesky critters are on their way .

"In like a Lion out like a Lamb."  It is something we have been saying for years . "Red sky at night, sailor's delight.Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning."  March is one of those unpredictable months . This is also the month that we start our SPRING QUARTERLIES. We will be Wiping down spider webs, treating the foundation , doors & windows of the house and garage, spreading a granular bait for fleas & ticks & checking Termite monitors. We will also be inspecting for Bee/Wasps nests and if any are found we will remove them. We look forward to seeing you all this spring. 

Whats new @ Bugging Out

Here at Bugging Out we are always keeping up with the latest ways to control pests, animals and maintenance to your home. We always offer an alternative . If its natural or organic that your looking for , we have it. Everyone is different on how they like to approach the situation in their home so we are very flexible and will work with you. We are always putting out different coupons, so make sure you check out our Facebook page often  www.facebook.com/buggingoutpest/ Tricky Trays : We are usually in every tricky tray around . Look for our Bugging Out basket at your local tricky tray . St John's in Hillsdale is a huge tricky tray that we are in this year . We will be passing out giveaways and have a basket in the prizes.  


Snug as a Bug is exactly what these pesky critters are getting ready to be in your home. Winter is around the corner and just as you and I look for a safe warm place to lay our head so do they . There safe warm place is in your walls, attics, basements , garages , crawl spaces and just anywhere they want to settle . At Bugging Out we make sure they find somewhere to be SNUG AS A BUG and not in your home. On our home maintenance program we provide a barrier around your home to keep them out all year. Enjoy the holidays and let us worry about keeping the pesky unwanted critters out.


Insects are cold blooded. What this means is the hotter it is outside the more active they become . So you will find more insects inside your kitchen or garage or basements. Bees/wasps/hornets are all very active the hotter it gets. Hornets actually get very aggressive in the heat. Ants and spiders and crickets are now finding their way into your house through the cracks and crevices. The rain storms bring Mosquitos , so you want to keep everything as dry as possible. Having a very warm winter last year did not help because they all survived and multiplied. What can you do ? Get the Home Maintenance Plan to keep your house from becoming their house.

Meet The faces behind Bugging Out Termite & Pest Control

Here at Bugging Out Termite & Pest Control we would like you to know who will be at your door and who you are speaking on the phone with. Meet Luigi Migliore Owner/Operator , Luigi will use his expertise and love for the job and be at your door ASAP using professional quality service . he will thoroughly explain our affordable plans and find one that best suits you as the customer. Toni Migliore Owner/Customer Service, Toni is the fist voice you hear when you call 201-666-BUGS (2847). Toni is there to make the appointment process run smooth and fast. With her professional and patient attitude every customer will feel at ease after speaking with her. Husband & Wife team family owned and operated.  Luigi & Toni know how important your home and family are so they strive to keep yours safe and maintained. "100% Customer satisfaction is our goal and we treat our customers as we would like to be treated."


YAY!!!!! We are all excited that mother nature has woken and Spring is here. But along with the beautiful green grass and those colorful trees and flowers comes bees/wasps, ants, spiders, mosquitos, fleas, ticks, Termites and thats just a few. So beat them to the punch and get your home maintenance plan to keep them from coming in your home or ruining your time outdoors with your family. All insects love the warm weather just like we do. And they travel in LARGE groups. So where there is one there is many more behind it. Wood destroying insects do not care about your home they will eat it and chew on it and costs you thousands of dollars in damage.  Bees will cost you the precious time with your family because you won't be able to enjoy the outside(not to mention how aggressive they can get) Fleas and Ticks will cost you money at the vet . So take control of your beautiful home with our Home Protection Plan. Let us worry about the pesky critters while you enjoy what you have worked so hard to have.