Animal Control

Raccoons, Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, Ground Hogs,  Skunks, Possums and any other animal that are looking to move into your home. They are looking to seek warmth and food and take over your domain and it can become a very dangerous situation. They are aggressive and they chew on wires causing fires and electrical problems. They also bring in fleas, ticks and mites as well as urinate and discharge feces in your home which can cause illness to you and your family. We can safely and humanly remove all unwanted animals and seal up the entry points so they can not return.  Call Bugging Out and we will make sure to remove these unwanted Critters.

Chimney caps, deck proofing, shed proofing, and home proofing are just some of the services we offer to keep these animals out. We also capture and release the animals back to their natural habitat  so they can continue to live with fellow animals in the wild where they belong