Protecting your home and family from Pests is very important. Calling a pest control company does not only mean you have an infestation, it could be for preventative maintenance.

Many customers call us to prevent any infestation or prevent damage to there home. At Bugging Out we have a Home Protection Plan that serves as a pest maintenance program. All year you and your home will be protected. Termites, Carpenter Ants & Wood Destroying Insects cause serious damage to your home. Each year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage – costs that aren’t covered by homeowners’ insurance policies. So we have Termite Monitors to help detect Termite activity. Fleas, Ticks & Mosquitos outside your home can cause diseases, so with our Yard Protection Plan we will protect your family and pets. We have a plan to suit all your needs. Call Bugging Out for your Free estimate and Free inspection.

Our Home Protection Plan is a preventive maintenance plan that will protect your home and family all year round. At an affordable price you can relax because Bugging Out will keep all the unwanted pests outside . Every quarter; Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter our professional licensed technician will automatically be at your home creating a preventative barrier around it(Spray around windows, doors, foundation & cracks & crevices, spread a granule bait around mulch beds, trees and foundation to attack all nests, remove all spider webs, inspect for bee and wasps nests and remove what is found, check rodent stations, check Termite monitors and address any extra concerns you may have). In-between your automatic scheduled quarterly visits you may call anytime with any pest control concern and we will be right out to service your pest needs. This plan is another way to maintain your home and keep your family safe from any pests.

Our Yard Protection Plan is a monthly preventative yard plan that will protect your family and pets while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. We will control the Mosquitos, Fleas & Ticks population April-October . Once a month April-October a licensed technician will Spray and Spread granule bait to all breeding & concerned areas. Mosquitos, Fleas & Ticks all carry diseases that can be transferred to pets and humans. Our Yard Protection Plan will allow you to enjoy your yard while knowing your family and pets are protected. This is an all natural essential oil treatment .

Bed Bugs are everyones worst nightmare. They do not have a season they are all year round. Here at Bugging Out we will make sure you sleep tight so the Bed Bugs don’t bite. Bed Bugs are easier to take home than you may think. They are travelers so whether at a movie theater, Restaurant, riding in public transportation or on vacation Bed bugs like to come home with you and settle in your bed, couch, clothes, cracks & crevices, furniture and wherever else they choose . Call us for a FREE inspection.

Termites cause serious damage to your most valuable possession. Our FREE inspections and Termite monitors will allow you the peace of mind that your home is safe. Call for your FREE inspection.

Raccoons, Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, Ground Hogs,  Skunks, Possums and any other animal that are looking to move into your home. They are looking to seek warmth and food and take over your domain and it can become a very dangerous situation. They are aggressive and they chew on wires causing fires and electrical problems. They also bring in fleas, ticks and mites as well as urinate and discharge feces in your home which can cause illness to you and your family. We can safely and humanly remove all unwanted animals and seal up the entry points so they can not return.  Call Bugging Out and we will make sure to remove these unwanted Critters.

Chimney caps, deck proofing, shed proofing, and home proofing are just some of the services we offer to keep these animals out. We also capture and release the animals back to their natural habitat  so they can continue to live with fellow animals in the wild where they belong